Grant Request by Dreamr

Submission Date

January 14, 2022

Project Links

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Discord: Dream Universe
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Project Description

We believe in the infinite potential of the human spirit. Our mission is to build technology and provide resources that make the concept of “chasing a dream” feel possible to everyone, no matter their current circumstances. Advancements in mobile tech, global networks, and blockchain technology make this vision possible. We believe everyone has a fundamental right to express and create the desires in their heart - which we call our dreams.

Amount Requested

50,000 USD


Activate Dreamr In-App Wallets. Activate user wallets in our UI (ETH addresses already generated upon account creation), integrate Polygon as the default network for wallet transactions and in-app rewards distribution. $25,000
Staking & In-App NFT Minting. Add ability to stake $DMR inside the dreamr mobile app for governance and premium feature access; such as giving dreamr creators the ability to mint 1/1 or Series NFTs directly inside the dreamr app. $25,000