Grant Request by DIYnamo

Submission Date
December 8, 2021

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Project Description

One day I will win the Champions League, but today I don’t have the shoes to train." These were the words we heard three years ago from Cristiano, a 14-year-old boy from Ghana. We checked his Instagram profile and realized that he had all the right skills and mentality to become a professional footballer. We decided to buy him a pair of soccer shoes. 3 years have passed and Cristiano has grown up football-wise, today he plays in the second division of Ghana, in one of the most important tournaments, maybe one day he will really play in the Champions League. Helping people makes us happy, it is scientifically proven. However, this episode sparked in us a great intuition: “What if he becomes the next Maradona?” will surely reward those who believed in him when no one did. Aware of this wonderful story, we are creating a team in order to launch a decentralized platform where you can help struggling talents like Cristiano by supporting their dream, thanks to NFTs.

The money to buy him the shoes are not so important, but believing in young talents, is so powerful for the future of the next generations, so the DIYnamo token is designed to validate talent’s dream.

Amount requested
15,000 USD


1st Milestone - Deploy our Smart contract with the DIY431.0 Standard on Polygon

2nd Milestone - Complete the development of the DAPP - POC

3rd Milestone - Release the First dream to be validated (Christiano Dream)