Grant Request by DeFiArtGame

Submission Date
February 4, 2022

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Project Description

Bringing together artists, creators, and investors by facilitating access to the vast ecosystem of networks, platforms, and knowledge bases that Web3 has to offer. Our goal is to help each individual that touches our platform grow and advance economically and meta-spiritually.

The initial rollout of our platform will be centered around NFT creators who have items for sale on the market and are looking to generate yield in the process. We are also creating a game within the NFT marketplace ecosystem that will help creators, that might not have the capabilities or resources to reach a larger audience, promote and sell their NFTs. Furthermore, our platform will build tools that are catered to the NFT/DeFi/Crypto investor while simultaneously being tied into the NFT marketplace resale game being developed. We leverage QuickSwap’s pool and farming functions to generate APY.

Amount requested
10,000 USD


Milestone 1 ($1,000): Finalize frontend\UI

Milestone 2 ($1,500): Enhance current web3 wallet offering and optimize UI on-chain confirmation

Milestone 3 ($1,500): Add NFT real-time sale\resale monitoring functionality

Milestone 4 ($2,000): Smart Contract development

Milestone 5 ($2,000): Select and fund organization for basic security audit

Milestone 6 ($2,000): Select and fund on-chain insurance provider for platform roll-out

Thank you for the opportunity and consideration! Attached is an additional high-level overview of our platform.