Grant Request by Defenders of Dogewood

Submission Date
January 18, 2022

Project Links

Discord: Defenders of Dogewood

Project Description

Defenders of Dogewood is a 100% on Chain RPG and the first of its kind with animated assets. We released Phase 1 of gameplay on December 1st and have since built and deployed our own polygon bridge for the continuation of farming and enhanced gameplay capabilities with Phase 2 and beyond.

We deployed the bridge yesterday and our community started the asset migration, I actually think one of the transfers was responsible for taking the Polygon sync state offline.

We will be continuing to build on Polygon as the focus for all gameplay mechanics.

You can read more on the project in our whitepaper here:

We have very ambitious goals and plan to push the limits of what is possible on the blockchain as we ship world-first capabilities and I believe we are an excellent applicant for a grant from the PolygonDAO.

Amount requested
10,000 USD


Deploy Defenders of Dogewood Polygon Bridge: $5,000 USD
Continued development of our game ecosystem on Polygon: $5,000 USD


We have awarded you a $5,000 grant.
The team will be in touch to let you know how to proceed.

In the meantime I would like to thank you for thinking of Polygon and I wish you all the best for this project.

Kind regards,


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