Grant Request by Decentralised Knowledge Graph

Submission Date
December 21, 2021

Project Links

Twitter: @jamiecrossr

Project Description

We believe the data model for drug discovery is broken. Data is too siloed and data curation and analytics too costly.

We are building a decentralised knowledge graph whereby scientists from the academic community curate our knowledge graph in return for ownership of the knowledge graph through token allocation. The knowledge graph and a no code analytics platform will be commercialised in industry and the value flow back to the community and Crossr.

This will lead to a high quality knowledge graph and align incentives between academia and industry.

Amount requested

50,000 USD


Develop token infrastructure

  • Develop smart contracts and token code base to deploy Crossr token
  • $15k

Develop tokenomics

  • Define the terms surrounding minting of tokens as well as the events that will determine token allocation and how much will be allocated per event
  • $10k

Build curation UI MVP

  • Software development of the MVP platform that will allow users to curate our knowledge graph and receive tokens
  • $15k

Build Community

  • Engagement with scientific community to find our first 100 curators
  • $10K

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team