Grant Request by DAPAY (Resubmission)

Submission Date
January 31, 2022

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Project Description

DAPAY is a platform enabling the user to request or send invoice in crypto, based on their local FIAT currency. We provide API into 3rd party payment systems, fetch open invoices in FIAT and provide the user with an interface to collect these funds in a selected range of crypto-assets (mostly stable coins). Or the user can pay his vendors the same way using selected crypto assets.

The platform handles the settlement of the pending payment without holding the assets at any point. While doing so we also do a KYT check during the settlement and we also close the original Invoice on the source payment system. By doing so we automate the entire process and the accounting system can consolidate the payments.

Our dunning service keeps track on pending invoices and notify’s the payee to ensure payments are settled in due time. DAPAY is currently connect to RunMyAccounts and ABACUS in Switzerland but you can also create manual invoices of course.

Next up we looking to integrate DAPAY into a Swiss Payroll system that will allow clients pay salaries partially or full in cryptocurrencies. Our system will handle the payment and white-listing for the payroll provider. This feature is planned for go-live end of Q1 2022.

DAPAY is currently running on Polygon main-net, however we have not released it to the public yet.

Feb 2022 - Testing and release to Polygon Main-net
March 2022 - Build and testing of Crypto - Payroll System
April - July 2022 - Build integration for further services including factoring
August+ adding more Blockchains to our bridge network in order to support more chains.

Amount requested
10,000 USD


Milestone 1 - GO-LIVE with DAPAY on Polygon, 1-2 months no TX fees. - USD 3000.

Milestone 2 - First Crypto Payroll via Polygon Network with 1-2 Swiss-based crypto companies free of charge for 1- 2 months - USD 4000.

Milestone 3 - Introducing Crypto-Accounting, create Wallet Balance Report and other reports that can be used for Accounting and TAX - 2 months free - USD 3000.


Congratulations! We have approved a $5,000 grant.

The team will be in touch with you to let you know how to proceed.

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