Grant Request by DAOpay

Submission Date

January 18, 2022

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Project Description

The DAOpay ecosystem will be an all-inclusive Organisation Tool suite including essential functionalities for growing the DAC and DAO community. Using our specifically arranged smart contract logic, we will provide hiring, bookkeeping, KYC, investment and launch services for DAO’s and Individuals.
Individuals will have designated tax wallets tailored to their KYC verified tax location designed to take the stress off come tax time.
Organizations will have full access to their private, Oracle guided income and outgoing cash flow sheet which will categorize all payments made within DAOpay to employees and all income categorized from investors. DACs and DAO’s will also be able to categorise
anonymous payments made as they arise to boost investor trust and transparency.
The bookkeeping tools and functionality are only one spoke in the wheel.
DAOpay will also enable Staked DACs and DAOs to receive passive APY income in $DPAY simply by participating in the ecosystem. Posting and completing job contracts increases their progress towards their goals, boosts investor confidence, and even increases their APY% creating amazing positive feedback loops.
DAOpay will also implement its own launch platform mechanisms to incentivize start-ups and reward growth naturally.

Amount Requested

5000 USD


I just want to note that we are not looking for grants in so much as we are looking to utilize the Connections the development support program is offering. We have engaged “Blockchain App Factory” to start the process of building, however, we currently have our marketing, designers, and full-stack dev busy on another bigger build. It was during this build we realized the lack of tools, trust, and accountability in the space.
We would like to reach out and make a deal with someone at polygon (new co-founder or friendly takeover, something along those lines) who can implement our logic and get some more tools out there for the community to use and build with. We are flexible and happy to consider any deal on the table and provide the actual nuts and bolts of how the ecosystem will function as the above description leaves out the vast majority of functionality.

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I can see why with new regulations, more tools are going to be needed each year to be Gov compliant or get shut down. So what are you actually looking for? An early exit? If you only want 5k I’ll buy the idea off of you and build it with my team.

Hi Goowson, Thanks for taking a look at our application. Do you have somewhere you want me to send the white paper and smart contract logic through to? I can link it through here but prefer to send it in private. Have been burnt before on other projects but at the same time this is only a side action to help with tools for my other builds.

Just attach it to the application. No one is going to steal it from here if there is proof you uploaded it on here. My TG is the same as my username here so can send it there but still recommend you attach it here so that the Polygon devs can see what you’re actually proposing to build/sell.

Hi Goowson, I’ll send it to your TG now and consider linking an abridged doc here shortly. We are looking for more than 5k to sell, we can build it for 5k but we believe the finished product to be worth a lot more than that. That said we obviously don’t want to sell for the Finished price so a nice happy medium would be the goal.