Grant Request by Dacade Peer-to-Peer

Submission Date
November 20, 2021

Project Links

Discord: Dacade

Project Description

Dacade is a peer-to-peer education platform that enables social active learning. We make learning accessible, scalable and engaging.

We believe in an open, user owned internet and an open financial system. To get there, we need to teach people how to develop applications that can drive this change. One of the biggest challenges on this way is the adoption and scalable education of new developers.

We tackle the following challenges:

  1. Effective Developer Training is not very accessible - Human feedback from teachers is expensive and hard to scale. That’s why Dacade focuses on an incentivized peer-to-peer effort.

  2. It is hard to get new developers to build something with a specific new technology, there are many competing alternatives. We focus on practical and engaging learning materials and give incentives to drive experimentation.

  3. The success of marketing efforts like sponsoring conferences or meetups is often hard to track. Dacade offers measurable results like GitHub repositories or pull requests.

We created this focus on knowledge application and peer interactions together with the help of Hannes Klöpper, former CEO of one of Europe’s biggest MOOCs. So Dacade stands in contrast to most learning platforms that focus on content production and distribution.

On Dacade, learners join a learning environment around a specific learning outcome, e.g. “Polygon Development 101”. Here they get access to curated learning materials that introduce them to the essential concepts of the topic. Then the learners follow a tutorial that teaches a specific practical skill, e.g. “Build your first Dapp”.

The next part is a practical challenge where learners apply their newly acquired skills, e.g. “Build your own Dapp”. The submissions to these challenges are evaluated by the administrator of the community and by more advanced peers. Successfully solved challenges and valuable feedback are rewarded with tokens and reputation.

These two videos give a more visual explanation of our platform:
Dacade explained with emojis - YouTube (90 Sec Explanation Video)
dacade demo 2020 - YouTube (80 Sec Demo Video)

Amount requested
50,000 USD


Milestone 1 — Creating the Polygon Learning Community
Curation of Learning Materials: We will curate a selection of general introductory Polygon learning materials that are in the agreed scope of the challenge. They explain Polygon’s basic functionality, background and advantages and give a brief overview of the Polygon ecosystem.

Creation of the Tutorial: We will create a tutorial containing video, code and text that explain developer tools and shows how to create a Polygon dapp. The dapp will feature important basic functionality and make it easy for developers to adapt it for their own needs (e.g. dacade).

Creation of the Challenge: We will jointly design a challenge that requires developers to write their own dapp and upload the code publicly to GitHub. The challenge will be designed with the aim to enable the creation of a wide range of interesting Polygon dapps.

Implementation on Dacade: Learning Materials, Tutorial and Challenge will all be implemented with the necessary descriptions and designs on the Dacade platform.

Milestone 2 — Running the Polygon Learning Community

Evaluation of Submissions and Feedback: The evaluation will happen as objectively as possible through a scoring rubric based on the evaluation criteria that we will develop with Polygon (E.g. scoring rubric: dacade).

Payment Issuance: Incentives issued for valuable submission and feedback will be sent to the wallet of developers (We will provide learning materials on how to set up MetaMask).

Milestone 3 — Outreach and Community engagement

Outreach activities and community growth: Dacade creates awareness through performance marketing. We will promote live workshops, promote the challenge and make it easy for developers to get started. We provide guidance and help for people in the community.

Milestone 1 — Creating the Polygon Learning Community / 15k USD
Milestone 2 — Running operations of the Community over three months / 12k USD
Milestone 3 — Outreach and Community engagement / 11k USD
Additional costs: Suggested rewards for the participants’ submissions and community feedback in MATIC tokens / 12k USD


Dacade is the reason I know what I know about Blockchain Technology today.


Dacade have good community and guardian for support. A place for beginner :slight_smile:

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Sounds really interesting!

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Dacade is the place to go when starting out on crypto’s! There is also a place for developers to create and learn, and earn crypto while doing so. Polygon would be a great addition to this!

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Great to see the love shared by the Dacade Peer-to-Peer community.


Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team


Hey @laurent !
So what’s happening next?

Hi @mikhailbaynes, @laurent and community,

just wanted to let you know that we participated with part of the Dacade team this past weekend in the Ethereum NFT Hackathon, where Polygon was one of the sponsors and we won the “Best use of Polygon’’ award. Nftcerts · ETHGlobal Showcase

Thanks a lot for your support!

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I’m sorry about the long turn around time, but I reached out to the email in the application today!

Awesome stuff @moritzfelipe. Keep up the great work. As seen below @TommyOlofsson would be in contact with you.

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I tried it out, and it was an interesting experiment.
I think it would be very fun to learn polygons with it! :slightly_smiling_face:


After carefully assessing your project the team has decided not to award the requested grant at this stage.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for thinking about Polygon and I wish you all successes with your project.

Kind regards.