Grant Request by Cypher Mountain Dwarves

Submission Date
January 28, 2022

Project Links

Youtube: Cypher Mountain - YouTube

Project Description

The 7919 collection of Dwarf NFTs are each unique images design by award winning cartoonist and animator Matt Bissett-Johnson. These art pieces will live on the Polygon blockchain and have a novel smart contract feature with multiple unlocks that become a part of the original NFT. The theme of the Cypher Mountain Dwarves is to pay homage to the Crypto culture and is reflected in the four guild types: the industrious Miners, the ambitious Merchants, the zealot Warriors, and the creative Smiths. The project aims to be fun and explore the possibilities of NFTs and the Metaverse, we intend to change the world one blockchain game at a time.

Please see our animation at to listen to the entertaining background story.

Each 7919 NFT has three random time unlocks that will trigger a physical change to your dwarf and an opportunity to collect a guild artefact. There are over 100 different attributes of varying rarities and over 50 evolution attributes of varying rarities.

Guild Artefacts Unlock

Each Guild has five artefacts that can be collected for your dwarf at the unlock event you will be given the choice of selecting one of the artefacts. The owner of the dwarf will be able to get the artefact free. Like the original NFT the loot is stored on IPFS and verified via the blockchain.

Physical Change Unlock

Your dwarf image may physically change at each of the time locked events. A new image of the dwarf can be obtained by the owner at the time of the unlock also free, the original image will be unharmed. Only some dwarves will have physical image progressions and they will be vary depending on the type of dwarf you own.

Amount requested
12,000 USD


  1. Pre-mint (Immediate): this phase will involve the completion of the artwork, development and a code audit to be ready for minting on Polygon.

Completion of art work: $2000
Code audit and consulting by external party: $4000

Milestone total: $6000

  1. Community Build (1 month): this is the marketing phase of the project to build followers and potential buyers, the trigger for this is the opening of the Discord and completion of the DApps homepage

Marketing: $3000
Payment to discord moderators: $1000

Milestone total: $4000

  1. Mint (2 – 3 months): this will occur once a sufficient following has been obtained to ensure a successful mint. During this time we will require increase marketing to obtain momentum for the sale.

Marketing: $1000

  1. Community Maintenance (3 – 4 months): this phase will help sell any remaining NFTs from the initial mint, and also maintain a vibrant community to launch the projects greater vision beyond its existing road map

Payment to discord moderators: $1000