Grant Request by CVJointOps

Submission Date

January 15, 2022

Project Links

Twitter: @CVJoint_eth
SSV testnet explorer: SSV Network Explorer

Project Description

This grant would be used to run a Heimdall Validator for Polygon to help decentralize the network.

Amount Requested

40,000 USD


  1. Acquire the hardware to run the node
  • Use backup node as primary polygon node
  • (or) Use VPS as primary polygon node
  • Funding needed: None, Complete
  1. Set up Validator on the network
  • Deploy the validator using ansible
  • Funding needed: 15,000 MATIC, assuming a price of $2.66 = $40,000


After carefully considering your application for a grant we have made the hard decision of denying it at this time.

While we want to support as many projects as we can, we are a young DAO, Season 0, and we can only award grants up to $10,000 at this stage. However in a couple of months the Dapps Council will be established and the can award grants up to $100,000 so if you feel that would be a good time to reapply please do so.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for considering Polygon and I wish you all the successes for you and your project.

Kind regards.