Grant Request by Cryptopia

Submission Date
February 8, 2022

Project Links

Facebook: Cryptopia
Discord: Cryptopia

Project Description

Cryptopia is a blockchain based defi metaverse game. The game is serverless and all information is stored on and read from the blockchain. The game has elements from the so-called 4x genre like Civilization and Settlers. Big difference is that the fourth X is absent: there is no extinction in our game. There is competition between four factions, but no faction can be wiped out. It is all about explore, expand and exploit.

All items in the game are tradable. There are fungible tokens for resources and products like oil, gold, glass and plastic. There are also non fungible tokens for items that represent ownership or uniqueness: for example ships, blueprints for construction of buildings and title deeds.

These fungible and non fungible tokens are stored in a multi-sig wallet. When you create a game account your multi-sig wallet is mined. Since this is a multi-sig wallet, you can store any ERC-20 compatible token. This is why we call it a metaverse DeFi game: we can bridge to other projects on our platform (currently planning to use Polygon) and other platforms.

The game is free to play (F2P) and play to earn (P2E). F2P is an important aspect: you don’t need an expensive NFT. Cryptopia is not a game where only the first ones can earn while raising the barrier to entry. Every player can earn in our game: rich, poor and in between. How you go about it is up to you: invest your time or your assets. Or both. Players can stake other players.

As the game progresses, more expensive NFTs come into play. This does not mean that players with a small budget are left out. Cryptopia allows players to pool resources to acquire such expensive NFTs. It is up to them how to share revenue and profit.

Cryptopia has 40% of the token supply locked in the game: this means that 4 billion Cryptopia Tokens (CRT) are available as player rewards!

When Cryptopia is a stable, matured game the players will take over. Cryptopia truly will be a decentralized autonomous organization.

If you’d like to view our demo, please feel free to contact us for a demo session!

Referring to the next question (number 10): we are in multiple categories, namely A, B, C, D, G. If one takes into account our multi-sig wallet, also option F could apply.

Amount requested
10,000 USD


See our detailed roadmap (starts with an explainer on YouTube): Public roadmap explainer - YouTube

Hi all,

I just noticed that not all information from the application form is posted here. I wanted to highlight the following from our application form. This is our answer to the question what we bring to the platform.

  • New users: attract new users to the Polygon platform by offering an easy and intuitive game.
  • Safety and security: our multi-sig wallet offers a secure and safe way to store not only Cryptopia tokens, but also the tokens and NFTs of all other project on Polygon.
  • Low transaction fees: our game will demonstrate the possibilities on chain when having marginal transaction fees.
  • Beyond the NFT hype: we believe in building a working concept first, then ask for support. We have a working demo that runs completely on the blockchain (Rinkeby). With this we approached a small group of crypto enthusiasts and blockchain gamers. They were very excited and asked for a way in. That is when we decided to create an early access NFT. Currently they minted over 600 NFTs. Again, not because we sold them a hype, but because they were convinced by what we built so far.

Feel free to reach out to us. You can find us here: Cryptopia

Kind regards,
CEO Cryptopia