Grant Request by Crypto APIs

Submission Date
February 2, 2022

Project Links

Facebook: Crypto APIs
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @CryptoAPIs
Medium: Crypto APIs – Medium

Project Description

Crypto APIs is a robust auto-scalable B2B suite, providing blockchain- and crypto-related products as a service. It is an infrastructure layer which significantly reduces our customers’ go-to-market time, development and infrastructure costs. Crypto APIs has more than 170 endpoints, 37 team members, 15K+ community members (registrations), and over 300 paying customers.

Our aim is to assist both established financial institutions and startups build applications on Polygon without a massive R&D and infrastructure commitment. We have already integrated 12 blockchains into our product suite, which consists of the following products: an MPC-based Wallet-as-a-Service, Blockchain Data, Blockchain Events, Blockchain Automations, Blockchain Tools, Market Data. Since every product consists of multiple services, you can take a deeper look into our functionality on our product page: Blockchain infrastructure products, tools and solutions for Web 3.0

We believe Polygon should be the next protocol available to our ecosystem of Blockchain developers.

Amount requested
80,600 USD


Phase 1: R&D

  • Polygon research
  • Server needs
  • Sync
    Total costs: $7200 for 18 man-days

Phase 2: Integration

  • Setup servers
  • Sync the nodes
  • Fill most of the (needed) data in DB
  • Integrate in Blockchain Events
  • Integrate in Blockchain Tools
  • Integrate in Wallet as a Service
  • Integrate in Blockchain Data
    Total costs: $45600 for 114 man-days + $21000 for infrastructure costs

Phase 3: Testing & Miscellaneous

  • Integration test
  • Bug fixing
  • Polygon Integration
  • Polygon Integration QA
    Total costs: $6800 for 17 man-days