Grant Request by Creator Community Building: NFT Gifting

Submission Date
February 2, 2022

Project Links

Linkedin: Login • Instagram

Project Description

The immediate requirement of the project is to develop NFT gifting capability for our customer ( edutainment creators) to quickly build their community of customers and fans around each business.

If this project is technologically successful we would like to build more NFT capabilities like virtual NFT co-creation session
Capability to buy and Sell NFT
Launch Spur- NFT market place

Amount requested
245,000 USD


Milestone 1: (March- May, 2022)

Implement Smart Contract to Polygon network: $10,000
Create API endpoints - $15,000
Deploy nodes along with fraud detection - $40,000
Dapp development (Mobile & Web) - $50,000
Integration with Payment Gateway to convert between crypto & fiat - $15,000

Milestone 2: (May - Aug,2022)

Advertising Campaign $25,000.00
Design Spur NFTs for giveAways $15,000.00

Milestone 3 (Aug- Nov,2022)

Market Place creation & connectivity to other markets
Budget Breakdown:

UI/UX design - $10,000
Create Storefront with features like bids, listing, ownership - $25,000
Wallet creation and integration with other wallets - $20,000
Implement Security into wallets - $20,000

Hi Community, I am the CEO and Co-founder of Spur. Very excited to share our project with this group, please reach out in case of any questions.

Sounds like a great idea to create network effects/community. Would be great if the user experience is seamless/simple for creators to mint and gift NFTs as well.

Great usecase for NFT enabling creators to build network effects around their business.

Sure, would love to connect with you