Grant Request by Creative Zone

Submission Date
January 28, 2022

Project Links

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Project Description

We are a news media company of 100k followers covering pan india news.

And one more platform to promote talents like artist , photographers , writers etc. We have a pool of 50k talents with us.

Both the platform will work together and websites will be revamped soon.

We would like to create a metaverse platform for all for free where the talents can benefit from.

We have very honest and impartial vision , would you like to help us with your expertise?

We are already in talks with some celebrities, startups accelerators, crypto influencers and some blockchain projects.

Amount requested
25,000 USD


Creation of Metaverse Nfts.
Linking them to DAO , Voting rights. Distribution to celebrities.
nfts for their communities too.

We haven’t estimate but it will cost much more than 25k, we have startup accelerators with us too.

We just want your expertise.