Grant Request by CompliFi

Submission Date

November 8, 2021

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Project Description

CompliFi is a derivatives AMM, fully on-chain with NO 3rd party interactions, no forced liquidations or margin calls. As simple as Uniswap, a user can buy 5x leveraged positions with USDC, and while the market is active, they will never experience the negatives of flash crash liquidations like you will on a CEX. The CompliFi token is also a fee sharing token, where protocol fees will flow to the token holder. Also unlike competing projects that take all profits from the protocol, 100% of all AMM cash flows go to traders, LPs or Token holders. This is truly a DeFi derivatives protocol, maybe the first where majors and alts can be traded fully on chain, using only smart contracts, and is self-sufficient, not needing emissions to pay its LPs.

Amount requested

50,000 USD


December - January

  • Launch of V2
  • Launch of implied volatility oracle

January - February

  • Launch of governance and dividend distribution mechanisms

February - March

  • Expanding product line with new derivatives
  • Integration with other defi protocols


  • Advancing various aspects of protocol towards institutional-grade capability

I’m a user of Compli.Fi . I think it’s a really easy way to new people to get 5x leverage exposure with no liquidations. Interesting to see if this deriv protocol can grow further.

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