Grant Request by cobogo

Submission Date
February 3, 2022

Project Links

Medium: cobogo social – Medium
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @cobogosocial

Project Description

cobogo is a DAO and an aggregator of protocols that has the goal of funding Content Creators sustainably directly through their own community, without the need for third parties. It is a dApp that leverages Web 3.0 to monetize Creators while maximizing their growth and community building abilities.

It works by allowing Creators to mint their own Social Tokens and Staking Pool, where Patrons can stake on it. After that, both Creators and Patrons get rewards in the form of a yield, in a 49%/51% split. This mechanism is designed to attract as many Creators as possible. Once they onboard the platform we will offer services for individuals, business, or communities that want those Content Creators to make specific content for them.

Amount requested
30,000 USD


  1. Start the deployment of the YouTube market for our dApp ($10,000): the budget will be fully used to pay for development costs. We expect that this milestone will take between 1 - 3 months to be completed.

  2. Onboard Creators ($10,000): Once the market is deployed, we will start to onboard as many YouTubers as we can, minting their Social Tokens. The budget will be used to continue development, maintenance, and to subside the first YouTubers and communities to onboard the platform.

  3. Develop the Quest System market ($10,000): This milestone requires the previous one to be consolidated. Once that happens, we will deploy the Quest market previously described. At this point, we expect our platform to be fully sustainable and lucrative. This also means that we will be a driving for that expands the Polygon ecosystem.