Grant Request by Clara Project Ethiopia

My name is mat and I work with the Remix team.

One of my side projects is the following, in collaboration with Swiss NGO Saed, SUPSI university and the Swiss Antenna Foundation. We have recently created a web3 infinite game as a funding mechanism for the maintenance of a cooperation project launched in Ethiopia. The CLARA project is aimed at making water sanitization affordable and based on modular, DIY tech in rural areas.

a PoC was deployed and tested on the Goerli Testnet in Fall 2021.
We are now looking into going on Mainnet and making this mechanism a reality on L2, and a success story for more NGOs to follow.

Our grant request covers the following:

  • Front end game implementation and playability improvement (Unity) - USD 15k
  • Leaderboard Smart Contract audit - 15k

A thorough description of the CLARA project and of our Proof of concept (with demo) here: