Grant Request by Censor Black

Submission Date

January 14, 2022

Project Links


Project Description

Making finance accessible, one enterprise at a time.

Censor Black is a reliable, collaborative platform that bridges the gap between providers and demanders of finance via a transparent blockchain framework. We achieve this through tokenization of real-world assets to facilitate liquidity and accessibility of finance to manufacturing MSMEs.

Our DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platform eliminates the limitations of traditional financial services by providing blockchain-enabled solutions to both - investors and borrowers.
Censor Black envisions a world where manufacturing MSMEs can utilize DeFi to easily enter financial markets and solve their credit, growth and operational problems.

Amount Requested

35,000 USD


February 2022 - NFT launch - Fundraise Target 4M$ - Budget requirement - 70k$
March 2022 - CB Token Launch - Target 5.75M$ - Budget Requirement - 130k$
May 2022. - Hybrid Token contracts- Target for partnerships and MVP Pilot- Budget - 170k$


After careful consideration we have made the decision of denied this grant at this time.
Here are the reasons:

  1. You don’t present a POC.
  2. You don’t explain why the project should bring benefits to Polygon.
  3. The website does not show functionalities.
  4. You don’t have social accounts.

In any case, if you address these points and want to reapply for a grant that would be great.

Thank you for considering Polygon and I wish you all the successes with your project.

Kind regards.