Grant Request by Carbon Collectible NFTs

Submission Date
December 2, 2021

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Project Description

Carbon Collectible NFTs are disrupting the carbon offset industry by using NFTs to provide equal access to climate finance for low-income forestry communities. For more information go to

Each of our “mixed reality” NFTs is a climate impact avatar, that you can customize, and guide through a metaverse forest. The objective is to transport crypto funding to a real-world, low-income forestry community that will offset your IRL personal carbon footprint for 10 years into the future.

Each of these NFTs conveys the digital and virtual rights to 1 hectare of mature forestry, which includes a carbon sequestration rate that equates to 5 voluntary carbon offsets. This mixed reality NFT supports gaming metaverse and IRL applications.

Amount requested
100,000 USD


  1. Deploy the promotional NFT to the Polygon Network - $25,000 (12/15/2021)
  2. Deploy “mixed reality” NFT to Polygon network and start the Marketing Campaign - $40,000 (12/20/2021)
  3. Announce and setup the Initial showcase community project - $25,000 (1/15/2021)
  4. Start sales of the Mixed Reality NFT - $10,000 (1/20/2021)
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