Grant Request by BlockInvest

Submission Date

January 14, 2022

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Project Description

BlockInvest is a new generation management platform thought for financial institutions and designed to improve the disposal of illiquid assets.
Backed by Credit Agricole Bank and by multiple Real Estate and Industrial partners, BlockInvest allows companies to exploit blockchain technology by creating a new financial layer on RWA – real world assets (real estate; credit, funds, Industrial processes) improving the quality and reliability of data and creating the financial instrument representing the underlying asset (security token) on the blockchain ledger. We can allow our clients to expand the investor base globally, in a secure environment with an unparalleled level of transparency.
In summary, the BlockInvest core service consists of:
• A complex set of smart contracts running on Ethereum and Polygon networks capable of orchestrating the entire flow of information, compliance aspects and corporate actions.
• An intuitive platform, blockchain based, which has simplified the process of:
a) Tokenization of real assets for the Issuers
b) The immediate on-chain verification of all information for Investors.

What’s more…
The relatively new security token market is an opportunity for the primary market but is still illiquid on the secondary market.
BlockInvest is working to be the first mover also in DeFi modelling for security token, creating a disruptive Banking environment, and new concept of secondary market.
We’re developing the DeFi bridge for financial institutions to leverage the ROI positive security token our institutional clients are already deploying.
This phase two of the project will be potentially based on a project token, which feasibility study is under evaluation.

Amount Requested

150,000 USD


  1. Build the DeFi bridge for security token – 35.000 Usd
    Design and deploy the smart contract on Polygon network able to manage the DeFi. Link the new environment with the existing BlockInvest platform for the primary market issuance.

  2. Testing – 15.000 Usd
    Internal and external test (1st penetration test) for the new solution

  3. Marketing – 100.000 Usd
    Once Test the environment with our existing client and having a TVL> 20m Usd we will start with the marketing campaigns.
    The 100k Usd will be used for:
    • Pure marketing online campaign 40%
    • Community incentives 30%
    • Live launch event 15%
    • Advisor/s 15%

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