Grant Request by Bika Token

Submission Date
December 8, 2021

Project Links

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Project Description

What is Bika Token?

Bika Token (BKT) is a Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based token that functions as a payment and rewards for writers and novel readers on the Bika Novel platform that will be coming soon. We created this token with the aim of increasing the creativity of writers as well as producing talented writer. Everyone can join our platform, novice writers and professional writers. Because we literally handle all the work and they deserve to be rewarded according to the work they create. If the token is created to address the concerns of the authors due to very small income and very difficult payments. We want to make all that easier with a decentralized system. Polygon acts as a transaction fee and P2P, I will advance the Polygon ecosystem and improve quality.

Why was the Bika Token Created? Bika Token (BKT) was created to give more appreciation to novel lovers and give full support to writers to work and get appropriate rewards. We value each work and give appropriate prizes for each work. We provide a great opportunity for everyone to continue to work and get and get awards according to their work.

What is Bika Novel?

Bika Novel is an online novel platform created as a place for writers to work increase their creativity and get prizes for novel lovers who can read online novels easily and at relatively affordable prices and in the future we will present an NFT market where everyone can participate in it and sell digital works. Every work published on Bika Novel will get an exclusive contract where the author is not allowed to publish his work on platforms other than Bika Novel. Each author who has concluded an exclusive contract will become a Bika Token/USDT while still including the author’s name as the copyright of the owner of the work. If someone commits fraud or plagiarism so that it is not original in Bika Novel application and is declared correct to do so, then we will freeze the account in time several months or even permanently. If a user’s account commits fraud or plagiarism, he wants to reactivate the account then has to pay the final 10% to 20% depending on the fraud.

But if the user does not want to activate his account and let us freeze a maximum 1 year, after 1 year has passed, the remaining balance in our frozen account will be used to buy back the Bika Token and burn it. If there is an agency or company that wants the author’s work and turns it into a book, movies, dramas, electronic cinema, we will give 60% of revenue to writers and 40% of revenue we will use to buy back Bika Token and burn Bika Token regularly. In the Bika Token application, we will provide a BKT/USDT pair to make buying and selling Bika Token easier.

Vision and Mission of Bika Token

The vision of Bika Token (BKT) is to give full support to writers and become a place for them to create.
Bika Novel is a place for everyone who uses the Bika Novel application.

The mission of Bika Token (BKT) is to print thousands of talented writers and millions of individuals to participate in our platform (Bika Novel) which will reward active readers and writers in the form of Bika Tokens that can be generated every day. Everyone can participate and get additional prizes in the NFT Marketplace feature because this feature can increase the insight and creativity of application users and get Bika Tokens in return.

Amount requested
50,000 USD


Bika Token Polygon collaboration.
The budget will be allocated for project development

  1. Around 10k USD will be used for security and bug audits,
  2. Around 20k USD will be used for platform creation and development and other funding,
  3. 20k USD will be used for exchange listing and project promotion. We will target around 1 to 5 million to be market cap tokens after launch on the exchange.