Grant Request by Bidda

Submission Date

January 4, 2022

Project Links

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Project Description

Bidda creates a booking system based on blockchain that makes each Calendar Slot a unique asset.

We turn each Appointment of every service provider into an NFT - a blockchain asset that possesses the following traits: is investable, is tradable, is exchangeable, is collateralizable, is loanable.

The biggest difference between a normal booking system and the market for calendar slots is that the price is VARIABLE.

Amount requested

50.000 USD


  1. Finish the App - up to 35k$ per smart contracts development and logic, covering costs of one additional developer for up to 5 months to improve and fasten the process of launching the app.

  2. Audit Smart Contracts - $15k to cover all required audits and tests, incentiving testnet users and stress testing to discover potential errors, issues and security vulnerabilities in the code to fix them before the final launch.
    Delivery forecast — 5 months