Grant Request by Badass Water, Inc

Submission Date

December 16, 2021

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Project Description

We’re launching Web3.0 of a brand that is on a mission to revolutionize how water is sold and consumed. Every can of Badass Water is NFC/RFID tracked from the production line to recycling. Additionally, we’ll donate 5 liters of water for every can that’s sold. This will be transparent and trackable through individual customers in their purchase/order history. Hence, enabling the entire sustainability supply chain transparent through point-to-point smart contract initialization. In the future we will also onboard the water sources and other brands onto our end-to-end supply chain, having complete vertical integration transparency and traceability.

  • Expanding in 6 countries, including US, CANADA, UK, & India.
  • Launching new product categories including flavored water, naturally caffeinated energy drink, and 0% alcohol beer.
  • We’re sustainable by default from water sources to our packaging. #noplastics

Officially launched: April 2021 - Shipping now!

  • 1st sample inventory - 250 units sold out in less than 1 hour.
  • 2nd inventory 10k Units - pre-sold 4k units without any marketing spend. Inventory almost sold out!
  • 35% repeat customers.
  • Official water partner at TED this year.

Amount requested

7000 USD


a) Build an end-to-end POC supply chain for tracking cans from source/manufacturer to recyclability.
b) Build scalable supply chain solution across 6 counties by Q4 2022. We’ve already established our water sources and fulfillment centers across - USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Germany & India.
c) Launch our NFT collection with various partnerships to bring sustainable revenues and build community of customers.
d) Launch $badass token for three uses - 1. Utility, 2. Reward, 3. Governance.

For more details please see our pitch deck - DocSend