Grant Request by B-Ecosystem

Submission Date

December 28, 2021

Project Links

Facebook: Redirecting...

Project Description

B-Ecosystem is made up of 3 business units that interact with each other and are tokenized: “Network & Projects”, a platform (Blockchain + IA) based on reputation, whose objective is to launch innovation projects and / or social impact, the result of the collaboration of talent (entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc.), companies and investors; Solutions (a consultancy based on the platform’s talent) and Space (a content producer such as workshops, training and events.

Amount requested

50,000 USD


First milestone (50k): Grant funds (50k) to define MVP, platform architecture and business model (token economy).

Second milestone (600k, aprox): Creation of an operational MVP, creation of a “core team” (financial, legal marketing / commercial and technology), creation legal estructure, platform first launch and recruitment of ecosystem members and seed investors or “golden client” (look for a company with an existing ecosystem and / or ecosystem to create a “tailored solution”, financing it, to obtain information as a contribution of value and user feedback).

Next milestones (To determine budget). Maintain and scale platform, launch for international expansion (look for partners / ambassadors in different markets.

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team


After carefully assessing your project the team has decided not to award the requested grant at this stage as it does not provide an MVP.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for thinking about Polygon and I wish you all successes with your project.

Kind regards.