Grant Request by Avarik Saga

Submission Date

November 3, 2021

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Project Description

Avarik Saga aims to be the leading NFT creator in Indonesia that will open the doors to a P2E (play-to-earn) game for its diverse community. As a forefront of this strategic venture, Avarik Saga goes beyond a game for blockchain players to the peak of a modern era game that will introduce blockchain to millions of players.

Leveraging Blockchain technology, Avarik Saga allows players to gain economical benefits through game rewards for their contributions. Players can earn rewards through:
Breeding Avariks and selling them on the marketplace.Competing in PVP battles to win tournament awards. Collection of legendary and rare Avariks.Farming utility tokens, the in-game currency to breed and upgrade Avariks.

Amount requested

150000 USD


Avarik Saga is a strategic team building, play to earn game with a nostalgic JRPG theme. Players start their journey with 3 Avarik Saga NFTs to explore challenging dungeons, battle other players, collect resources and many more.

The Avarik Saga project was initiated in early August 2021 and launched within a month in September 2021 with 30,000 participants in the pre-sale. On the day of the public sale, 8,888 Avarik NFTs sold out within an hour.

For the next 6-8 months, the Avarik Saga team have four main milestones to achieve: 1) $VORTEM Token and $AVRK ICO, 2) Public launch game V.1, 3) Avarik Land Sales, 4) Game launch expansion V1.1 and V1.2.

In order to achieve these milestones, the Avarik team will need to raise $150,000 with majority of the budget allocation going towards tech development (47%), human resources (26%) and total value locked (10%). The remaining 17% of the budget will go towards social media, community, public relations and digital market efforts.

From the milestones perspective, 35% of the budget will be allocated towards the first milestone. 25% of the budget will go towards the second milestone, 25% towards the third milestone and 14% towards the last milestone.

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Great accomplishments on the pre-sale and public sale.

What’s the expected user across the 4 main milestones?

Hi Mikhail,

Great to emeet you. Sorry for my late response.

Expected users :

  1. $VORTEM Token and $AVRK ICO (0 users)

  2. Public launch game V.1 (10k users)

  3. Avarik Land Sales (20k users)

  4. Game launch expansion V1.1 and V1.2 (100k users)

We are aiming to be the pioneer for P2E game in Indonesia and bring crypto to reach mass adoption through NFT game.

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Thank you for the update and that’s better.