Grant Request by Aster Protocol

Submission Date
January 13, 2022

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Project Description

Aster Protocol creates the first on-chain identity aggregation protocol in the Internet world. Inspired by pioneers such as Loot, ENS, and 1inch, the platform provides a hub for multi-chain Web3 protocols that enable on-chain Web3 features over traditional social media platforms, bridging all Web2 social platforms and Web3 applications. Aster Name Service allows over 5 billion users to gain access to blockchain assets and enter the world of Web3 with no learning curve, which can make it easier for them to use applications of NFT, DeFi, SocialFi, DAO, and Metaverse. Aster Protocol will continue to bring more user scenarios to the blockchain industry.

Amount requested
50,000 USD


According to our current roadmap, we will complete the development of the first MVP in March 2022 and conduct and conduct the pilot by April 2022. We need a 50K USDC grant to complete the following tasks with the grant of Polygon by April 2022.

  1. Grant will be used to develop additional interfaces when using Polygon.
  2. Other Grant will be used to support new users to get onboard in Polygon Ecosystem, so as to facilitate crypto newcomers to use Web3 services.

Currently, we have approached many partners who have needs to use our protocol services in Japan, especially in the use cases of NFT, such as Skyfall Inc whose founder is the former chairman of Aniplex, the famous animation company in Japan, and Jikei Gakuen Com Group which is the largest education group for contents creation. Many Japanese companies have shown their interest in creating and minting NFTs on Polygon.

Since Aster Protocol provides the social infrastructure for users, bridging Web2 and Web3, we will definitely bring more users into the Polygon ecosystem with Aster Protocol user growth.