Grant Request by Argano DEX

Submission Date
January 27, 2022

Project Links


Project Description

The protocol for yield generation and DEX trading, created by & for the DeFi community. Providing synthetic assets: USD and BTC pegged tokens.

Amount requested
172,000 USD


  1. Liquidity provision

To ensure stability in the main core pairs AGOUSD / AGOBTC to prevent price manipulation - $100K. Can be applied by direct adding liquidity.

TVL measure - over 500K

  1. Marketing campaign

We are expanding different field of marketing, however increase in budget can help in achieving greater info fields - $20K

  1. Limit order protocol, smart contract development, includes payment for work done by developers - $5K

  2. Investment community pools (dHEDGE portfolios). Includes improvements of the already created idea and development - $7K

  3. On-chain DAO governance, unique NFT collection, and selection of high-quality DAO’s representatives - $40K


After reviewing this grant carefully we have taken the hard decision of not awarding it this time.

While we want to support as many projects as we can, we receive a large number of proposals and our funds are limited so sadly we need to turn some projects down.

I would like to thank you for thinking of Polygon and I wish you all the best for the future.

Kind regards,