Grant Request by Another-1

Submission Date
February 11, 2022

Project Links

Medium: Another-1 – Medium
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @an1officialchat

Project Description

AN1 is a one-stop shop to design, produce, crowdfund, and trade digital units of hype fashion backed by physical goods. Repurposing fashion products for metaverse interoperability; Another-1 offers access to a new asset class for a wide audience spanning fashion consumers, gamers and investors.
Build the first phygital (physical x digital) hype products trading platform built on Cosmos with tokenomics geared towards incentivizing holders and stakers.

Offer users an original way to digitalize and monetize fashion items with physical redemption option and a lowered purchasing barrier in secondary trading.

Repurpose traditional hype fashion across digitalization, in-game experience, and investment.
The pain points that we’ve identify in the current market are the following

Access to Hype fashion products. Most hype fashion goods are traded at premium pricing with intentional low supply and distribution, influenced by dominating brands, as a result limits average buyers to access, trade, and participate.

Unbalanced Opportunity to Industry Stakeholders
The hype fashion market is dominated by a few recognized brands and celebrities, limiting opportunity and exposure for other players to enter the market, including manufacturers, designers, and retailers.

Delivery is a Prerequisite to Ownership
In the existing marketplace, the ownership of a SVC comes with delivery of the physical product, which is sometimes canceled or delayed due to various logistics complexities, making it difficult for timely trading and reselling.

Lack of Transparency and Product Authenticity
Risk of knockoffs entering the distribution supply with traditional channels and hard to verify sources. Buyers are often required to pay a hefty collateral to compensate for a higher risk of default.
The solution that enables our user to overcome the current market limitation is adoption of Phygital Products. Integrating blockchain technology to grant ownership rights over existing product and option to redeem physical version from digital collectible for multi purpose.
Phygital Fashion Items unlock a new fashion item usage, wider audience reach and an i
mmersive user experience with interaction in the metaverse. The metashop module provides additional opportunities to monetize the purchase of fashion items through the gamification of the after sale experience.

Another-1 value proposition target mainly fashion consumer, gamers and retail investors (B2C), engaging brands and design studios (B2B) to create new opportunities within metaverse platform and launchpads (B2B2C).

Another-1 has engineered 3 modules through which empowering the potential offered by the phygital products in the fashion industry.

Digital Asset Marketplace (DAM)
DAM offers direct access to authenticated physical goods and peer-to-peer resale of digital assets. All backed by unique product identifier and payment protection via blockchain technology.

Initial Shoe Offering (ISO)
New shoe collections crowdfunded by the community in the form of digital collectibles that can be physically redeemed supported by AN1 logistics. AN1 ISO gives designers access to build collection, connect with fashion fan community, and various manufacturing partners.

AN1 Metashop sells fashion items in the form of wearable collectibles and in-game assets. The Metashop is the gate to showcase multi purpose usage of AN1 phygital products.
Another-1 believes in the value of diversity, creativity, and innovation. As such, our team is multi-skilled in technology, marketing, gaming, and investments, across regions, ready to serve our online and offline communities. We are also passionate hypebeasts with 15+ years experience in sneakers, fashion and trend, along with 5+ years in crypto space.

Our technology is based on the Cosmos ecosystem, leveraging the interchain functionality and compatibility with different chains. AN1 native tokens will be fungible, interchangeable with one another as a means of payment and exchange, facilitating fractional ownership of NFT assets, royalty income back-flows and interoperability across markets. The NFTs service the use cases of ownership tracking and authentication against SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units) in the case of digital assets representing ownership or right of use of real-world physicals.

Amount requested
25,000 USD


Milestone Achieved

in December 2022 we release a testnet of AN1 chain

In September 2021 we’ve successfully sold 4.444 NFT with a total raise of 220 ETH

Future Milestone
In February 2022 we will launch the first ISO of 5.000 phygital sneakers in partnership with Trustswap on Swappable launchpad. The NFTs will be a wearable asset in Decentraland with an option of physical redemption.

In March 2022 we gonna release the mainnet and AN1 token

In April 2022 we will release the ISO launchpad platform on AN1 website for the minting of fashion phygital product

In May 2022 we gonna release the collection of Sneakerheadz VX, the In-game Character based on Polygon blockchain for the P2E game on Sandbox

In June 2022 we will release the Digital Asset Marketplace for the trading of NFTs

In September 2022 we release the second ISO of Phygital product in partnership with an Italian shoe maker brand

In November 2022 will have the MVP of Sneakerheadz the game on Sandbox