Grant Request by Anablock Marketplace

Submission Date
January 26, 2022

Project Links

Facebook: Anablock
Discord: Anablock
Podcast: ‎Anablock Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Project Description

Anablock is building a NFT marketplace and NFT generator.

Amount requested
50,000 USD


  1. Mumbai Testnet Application - User Registration and Authentication functionality, fetch balances (MATIC, NFTs, Tokens), fetch transactions, fetch smart contract events, real-time alerts feature, build index (change DB state based on on-chain events), and send transactions. Scheduled delivery date: April 1, 2022. Budget: $25,000

  2. Mainnet Deployment of the React/Gatsby app with the feature listed in the Testnet app. Scheduled delivery date is June 1, 2022. Budget: $25,000