Grant Request by Aglaia Network

Submission Date
December 20, 2021

Project Links

Discord: Aglaia Network
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @AglaiaNetwork

Project Description

Decentralized environment to facilitate and secure cryptocurrency donations

Amount requested

50,000 USD


KYC platform - Marketing : We’ll launch our KYC charity program at the end of the month, and we need a budget to grow our audience (25K)

CTO recruitement - MVP : We need to recruit a CTO / Dev specialized in Polygon to build our MVP before launching our ICO (25K)

Hi everyone, thanks @Fleabag for the post.
I allow myself to post a message in order to complete our request.

Our project, Aglaia Network, is a decentralized environment to facilitate and secure cryptocurrency donations. We want to bring together donors and charities.

How? By developing easy-to-use tools for both.

First, a KYC platform at the destination of associations and NGOs, to prove their identity and which aims to prevent identity theft, fraud and money laundering in link with the cryptocurrencies universe. We’ve also developped a directory listing, and an API, freely available for everyone (like NFT marketplaces or fintech platform) (we have already some partners in the tube, backed at +3M$). They will can request a full list of certified charities to facilitate donations from their customers. This platform is now online:

Then, we plan to develop two different wallets. Charity wallet and Donation wallet.

About the Charity wallet:
Multisig wallet to safely receive and track donations. Fully customize how you manage your company crypto assets, with the option to require a predefined number of signatures to confirm transactions. Require multiple team members to confirm every transaction in order to execute it, which helps prevent unauthorized access to company crypto (Integrating functions like automating conversion in FIAT money, wire transfer…etc.).

About the Donation wallet:
Wallet to send, and track donations utilization, integrating functions like automating tax receipt, certified charities listing…etc. depending of your residential country.

To finish (and for the moment), we plan to create a mainstream platform for everyone, to collect money from an online page and for every occasion. Innovative features will improve the way to make money pots.

We need Polygon’s support to make our project known to everyone and to hire our CTO.

You can find all detailed informations here:

Milestones update

Marketing (20K$) : We just launch our KYC charity program since 2 days, and we need a massive budget to grow our audience (charities and donors) before ICO (D+60)

  • Hubspot: 2K$
  • Google ads: 4K€
  • Social ads: 6K€
  • Marketing and PR agency fees: 8K€

MVP dev (30K$) : We need to recruit a CTO / DEV specialized in REACT/Web3, Polygon and skills with the Metamask API to build our MVP and deploy it on Testnet, just before launching our ICO. We have estimated 35 days of development, at 850$/day = ~30K$

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team


Unfortunately, the team has reviewed this project and we have made the decision of not awarding the grant at this stage.

In Season 1, the DApps council will be established and that will be another chance for you to secure a chance, so please consider submitting a request then if you wish to do so.

Thank you again for thinking of Polygon and I wish you the best for this project.

Kind regards,