Grant Request by AdLunam

Submission Date
December 23, 2021

Project Links

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Project Description

AdLunam is an NFT-integrated Engage to Earn IDO launchpad using a Proof of Attention allocation model.

Proof of Attention is a formulaic approach to quantifying and qualifying investor engagement. Gamified Engage to Earn forms part of our ecosystem. Open to anyone, free to join and participate, an investor can build up a sizable presence here with nothing more than their social capital contributions.

An investor’s Wallet Scorecard, on the other hand, is a slow-burn qualifier. Our data collection includes aspects such as the age of the wallet, funds transfer frequency, and very importantly, how quickly an airdrop or allocation token is dumped. Over time, this builds up a revealing picture of an investor’s behavioural patterns, and projects can take this into consideration when extending allocation.

Together, an investor’s Engagement and Wallet Scores is represented as a dynamic NFT (dNFT) that holds their store of value as an investor, and the value of these dNFTs increase or decrease depending on their actions within the AdLunam ecosystem.

Investing into projects happens in the launchpad area of the AdLunam platform, exclusive by-invitation-only project spaces where projects can reward the top-standing investors of their choosing with airdrops, allocation, and community rewards.

We also offer seedpad access to retail investors, and offer a 360° pipeline to Web 2.0 company – startup or well-established – looking to pivot their offerings into Web 3, taking them from initial advisory services to growing their community and launching their IDO.

Amount requested

10,000 USD


Q4 2021: Early growth phase

  • Development
  • Community growth

Q1 2022: Launch

  • AdLunam TGE
  • $LUNAM listings
  • Audits
  • Platform launch (Polygon)
  • Project IDO launches

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team