Grant Request by 1 of X Generative Art Platform

Submission Date
February 4, 2022

Project Links

Discord: 1 of X

Project Description

1 of X is a platform to create generative art NFTs on polygon. We are an open platform with no application or waitlist. We believe artists from all over should be able to create generative NFTs without paying high gas fees or having a huge following.

We are also partnering with professors and schools that have creative coding bachelor degree programs. Professors will be including creating and minting projects on our platform as a part of their curriculum. We hope to bring new users to the polygon blockchain through these efforts as well as give artists a way to support themselves by creating and selling art.

Amount requested
50,000 USD


  1. Technology Costs
    We have a novel way of creating animated image previews of our art that makes it more engaging on social platforms. We create images and gifs for each generative piece. As the platform grows so will the server costs. We would like to immediately reserve a budget for expected server costs this year.


  1. Building out platform upgrades
    We are building the dream platform for artists and collectors, and have some features planned to help us get there. For example, we are deploying a bridge contract between Ethereum and Polygon so our collectors can move their assets between the two networks. We are building social features into our application so collectors can subscribe to an artist or to a curation and receive notifications of new drops. We are building an open curation feature where a collector can build a following and help create traffic for new artists.

February - May

  1. Marketing Fund
    We have allocated costs to an emerging artists fund, scholarships for generative art bachelor degree students, giveaways, masterclasses, virtual gallery, and other marketing campaigns.

March - September