Grant Request by 0xPandemic

Submission Date
January 13, 2022

Project Links

Discord: 0xPandemic

Project Description

Citadels in the on-chain metaverse are fighting each other synthesising and evolving Viruses. Get your NFT Lab, accumulate $AMINO and conquer other citadels.

0xPandemic is a play to earn blockchain game deployed on Polygon based on NFTs. Synthesise $AMINO with your labs , evolve and collect the right viruses, spread and control key citadels of the map to earn resources and defeat your opponents.

Like in our world, natural resources are limited, so the competition is fierce.

Amount requested
5,000 USD


In our litepaper we specify the Phases we have in our mind:

Phase 1 (now): Fair launch with Lab NFT sale and staking as detailed above

Phase 2: At this point players will already have some $AMINO in their balances if they have been staking the Lab NFTs acquired during the Fair Launch. The virus NFT will be deployed and players can start minting and trading Viruses. The viruses will already be collectible and contain their traits/rarity that will affect the later PvP stages.

Phase 3: There are already viruses minted out there, now it is time to risk and improve them by evolution. Again, $AMINO will be used for that and players can start preparing their viruses, trying to improve them or keep minting new ones. Risky players will evolve their viruses but risk-free players may trade them and create new ones searching for potentially perfect viruses that other players can risk to improve or if they are unlucky, worsen them.

Phase 4: $AMINO will become an ERC20 token. Players with $AMINO balance can redeem it and obtain $AMINO ERC20 if they wish to trade them.

Phase 5: The most exciting phase where the PvP system will be deployed. Smart Contracts to manage the inhabited areas will be deployed and the viruses that players have been creating/evolving can be actually used. The goal is to infect as many inhabited areas as possible to earn more $AMINO rewards.


In reality there are more. After Phase 5 we have many more ideas and unique concepts that we want to introduce, but we didn’t want to have a too heavy roadmap, we want to keep it simple for now because we are focused on building a community first.

Timelines (not 100% set in stone, very likely they will be subject to changes):

Phase1: this is the presale, everything is ready from our side software-wise. We are waiting a bit because we want to close partnerships first and we need to grow more community to ensure the success of the Phase 1. if this phase does not succeed, it will be very difficult for us to continue the project. Our goal is to do it around the end of Jan 2022.

Phase 2: If Phase1 is successful, we can have this done by the end of the first week of Jan 2022.

Phase 3: This one wouldn’t take more than 2 weeks. Around 3rd-4th week of Jan 2022.

Phase 4: We want to make sure our Lab NFTs are well spread within the community to avoid having huge whales that can dump everything quickly. We want a strong community involved with the game and not people who just look for quick profit. This is quite simple to do technically, if everything goes fine, we could aim to have this by the end of Jan 2022.

Phase5 : This is the most interesting phase in our opinion because it introduces PvP. This is a bit more complex, we think we could have it by the end of February 2022. But we would iterate over it to bring unique, complex and fun mechanics. So this would be an ongoing effort