Grant Allocator - Call for Applications


The Community Treasury Board (CTB) is inviting applicants to serve as Grant Allocators (GAs) for the upcoming Community Grants Program.

For season one, the CTB is seeking seasoned grant distributors with experience in deploying significant grant programs on behalf of communities. GAs will help onboard and fund new and budding projects. The goal of grant distribution is to support the sustainable growth of Polygon and Web3 more broadly.

Below, we list the eligibility criteria, the strategy behind the first season of grant distribution, and all the important details applicants need to know. If you’re interested, please fill out an application!

Overview of season strategy for Grant Allocators

The first season will focus on Consumer Crypto.

The CTB defines Consumer Crypto as any project building at the application or infrastructure layer to support the growth of consumer-centric use cases on-chain.

Consumer crypto provides a powerful opportunity for builders and founders to leverage the power of Polygon to create new and unique infrastructure and experiences. This may be in the realm of tokenized products that benefit consumers, decentralized social platforms, payment applications, and more.

Within Consumer Crypto, we believe the following categories offer significant value:

Consumer crypto key categories:

  • Gamified commerce (e.g. social shopping, quest-driven engagement platforms)
  • Decentralized social
  • NFT innovation
  • Content co-creation
  • Digital/physical intersections
  • Scenecoins (distributed communities)
  • AI integrations/blockchain intersections
  • Gaming & Autonomous worlds

Who is a Grant Allocator (GA)?

A Grant Allocator (GA) is an experienced operator (or a protocol/platform) with considerable experience and expertise in executing grant programs as an external entity on behalf of any community or chain.

For the Community Grants program, GAs play the role of sourcing projects, allocating grants, generating awareness, and driving value to the community as an external contributor. Please see PFP-2 for more details.

Eligibility criteria for becoming a GA

  • Protocols with significant experience in running and managing end-to-end grant programs in the wider community
  • Processed over $10M in cumulative grants
  • Protocols or platforms offering end-to-end grants management - application, onboarding, subject matter experts for reviewing, vetting, and program support at a minimum, with a seasoned track record of engaging the community in end-to-end decision-making
  • Platforms with an in-built rewards-based solution to incentivize the community for valuable contributions to the program is a strong plus, e.g., rewards on application reviews, rewards on engaging on socials, etc.

Note: The platform should offer features like grantees logging in, submitting milestones, managing KYC, tracking progress, disbursing grants, and an admin dashboard for backend management of the grants program.

What is their role in the program?

The Grant Allocator track relies on specialized entities facilitating the distribution of allocated funds to grantees. Similarly to individual projects, prospective Grant Allocators will follow a process laid out by the Community Treasury Board.

  • GAs play the crucial role of supporting the Community Treasury Board in the effective allocation of grant funds to drive the growth of Polygon.
  • They will bring significant expertise and custom end-to-end application, vetting, selection, and deployment processes for grants.
  • They will ensure a high-quality grant experience for all stakeholders - projects, the Polygon community, and the CTB, to name a few.
  • They will submit an impact report at the end of the season showcasing the grant allocations and outcomes of the program.

How to apply

Application form:

Note: The application period will be open throughout the season timelines, and GAs will be selected on a rolling basis by the CTB.