Grafana Dashboard Release

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing okay and staying safe.

For the past few months, we have been working on our very own version of Grafana Dashboard. And today we are excited to announce that the Grafana Dashboard is now ready for the Mainnet.

We have completed all our phases of Testing for the Dashboard and we are happy to release the Grafana Dashboard to our Community.

Introducing Matic Jagar

Matic-jagar is a monitoring and alerting tool for validators operating on Matic Network. It provides separate Grafana dashboards to better monitor the health of the validator and server. It has integration with Telegram and Sendgrid which enables it to provide updates via notifications or email. It uses InfluxDb and Prometheus to store the metrics and Grafana to display them.

The alerting part of the tool has a modular approach which enables the user to decide on which metrics the alerts should be sent. Any and all notifications can be modified by a user to fit one’s preference. By default, a basic level of notifications is enabled for inexperienced users which can be modified by editing the config file.

The Following Boards will be available on the Matic Jagar Grafana Dashboard

  • Validator Monitoring
  • Bor metrics
  • Summary
  • Setup overview
  • System monitoring metrics

You will also be able to setup a Telegram bot to give you alerts.

To know more on how to install and setup your Grafana dashboard you can check out our Github link here

Matic Jagar:

Once setup please announce it on our Discord channel and Tag @Delroy & @k_kappa

If you have any issues whilst setting it up, you can again tag either of us on the Discord channel.

Happy Holidays to everyone!