Goerli <-> Mumbai Bridge Help

I’ve followed the documentation on state transfer very closely and set up root and child contracts on Goerli and Mumbai. The third transaction includes a call to sendMessageToChild which emits a stateSynced event.

However, the child contract on Mumbai never receives the message. Am I missing a step? How long should it take to get a Goerli → Mumbai message through using FxBaseRootTunnel and FxBaseChildTunnel?

Root: Contract Address 0x97E804Bd6B8aA1fB5e701DD7Cb6648a14443058d | Etherscan
Child: Contract Address 0x8A5c7ec56C04a54A9e2E0583e5C91579391Cd31A | PolygonScan

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Me too. Have you found a solution?

@Sanket_Polygon Would you be so kind as to take a look at this question?