</GitSEC is open and decentralized code hosting and development service.>

— No data forged
— No hacks
— No censorship

The main goal of GitSEC is to democratize access to open-source software by providing a secure and censorship-free platform to developers worldwide, making it more accessible to people regardless of their background or resources.

We aim to empower developers worldwide by fostering rewarded collaboration, trust, and transparency, ensuring that open-source development is accessible to all.

What we offer:
1 Security. Security and compliance features that ensure your data is always safe and secure. 2 Connectivity. Service connects developers with anyone looking to build open-source projects.
3 Peer-to-peer. Сensorship-resistant code collaboration without reliance on third-parties.
4 Trust. Guaranteed rewarded collaboration, transparent transactions and full control of deposit funds.
5 Election. Native professional onchain portfolios consists of objective proven talents. -----------

Established service roles help different participants manage jointly decentralized project development. Each system role is represented by non-transferable NFTs, which are dynamic and upgradeable as users gain experience.

We released the preliminary implementation of the Git server utilizes IPFS for file storage and evm smart contracts for repositories management. PoC supports any evm-based blockchains. Users can interact with repositories using standard Git commands via the Git HTTP protocol.

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Reference links:
Developer: https://uddug.com/
Pitch deck: GitSEC

Contacts: DM2me: ms@uddug.com
Tg: @Mike_m8s
Partnership: biz@uddug.com