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Hi all, welcome to the Polygon Ecosystem DAO forum, here you will be able to source information from our team regarding what we are currently working towards, and, it will also serve as a space where projects building on Polygon can source assistance if needed. In todays post, I want to cover, which is basically just a portal to a list of available dapps built on top of the Polygon network. However, as we know, the Polygon industry is continuously growing and evolving, and new projects are deploying onto the network with each passing day.

So with an ecosystem that is growing at such an exponential rate, it can be easy for some projects to be missed and ultimately not listed on our portal found here. Well today, we plan to address that, and help you get your project listed on our portal for the world to see.

Apply to AwesomePolygon

The process is actually very easy and will only take you approximately five minutes to complete. All you need to do to apply to have your project listed on our portal is to fill out the following application form found here. All you really need to list is your project name, what kind of project you are, and also just a link to both your projects website and also a CoinGecko link (if you have a token already).

As you can see, the application process is relatively simple, however it is of course definitely worthwhile to get listed on our portal. Once your project is listed on our portal, Polygon users will be able to view your project, see what service your project offers, and if it applies to them, they will most likely use it to execute their everyday DeFi activities. Basically, this is an easy way for you to help your project reach the entire Polygon audience, which in turn, will ultimately help you achieve more foot traffic towards your protocol. So, if you are not yet listed, please be sure to take the time to fill out the application form to help us help you reach the world!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Liam Donald


Here’s the link to be listed on AwesomePolygon -

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Submitted a request there :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, will be great to see ‘Privacy’ section in DAPPS. I filled out the form a few days ago, but I had to select the ‘wallet’ section, bcs there is no Privacy tag yet. Blockchain full transparency is an invasion of privacy. So, dApps that working on confidential and anonymous transactions are very important for Polygon and deserve their own section :sunglasses: