Get a list of Checkpointed burn transaction hashes in Polygon bridge

Hi, I’m trying to build a front end for doing polygon bridge transfers… in case of withdrawals (polygon to ethereum), it requires two transactions - ‘burn txn’ and ‘proof of burn txn’. is there a way i can pull the list of all open burn transactions, which have been checkpointed, and ready to be exited, for an address ? where does Polygon bridge explorer (link below) pull it from? is there an API or subgraph for this ?

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The Polygon Bridge Explorer likely pulls this information from the Polygon bridge API. You can use this API to query information about transactions on the polygon bridge, including burn transactions.

Tto retrieve information about open burn transactions for a specific address you can use the API endpoint /api/v1/transactions. You can include the address in the recipient parameter to filter the results to only include transactions where the recipient address matches the address you’re interested in.

You can also include the direction paraneter to filter for transactions going from the Polygon network to Ethereum. Additionally, you can use the eventType parameter to filter for burn transactions specificaly

hello, which api did you mean by Polygon Bridge API ? the only related one i’ve found is this one, and it seems like that of staging env ? :

or did you mean the polygonscan API ?

Oh, sorry, polygon bridge API that I mentioned in my previous message is currently in the staging environment and is not yet available in production.

However, you can try use the JSON-RPC API topull the list of all open burn transactions that have been checkpointed and ready to be exited for an address

you can use the eth_call method to query the RootChainManager contract’s pendingExits function, try this way.

i discovered that there is an API called which is used by Polygon PoS bridge, and bridge explorer. even though it is named Open API, didnt find any publicly available access tokens / API key to use it. Nowhere documented. Any help with the access tokens / api key ??