Futurent - seamless RWA protocol

Futurent is revolutionizing the Web3 investment industry by fractionalizing RWAs and making them liquid and accessible to anyone. By utilizing Blockchain & NFT technology for instant transfer of ownership, users generate stable high yield rewards through automated and secure smart contracts.

Our fully legal compliant platform boasts exceptional UI/UX and a fully-backed portfolio, making investing in real estate quicker, simpler, and easier than ever before. Within an emerging sector projected at +2 trillion USD , our vision is to significantly contribute to the eventual mainstream adoption, putting many cutting-edge strategies in practice.

Check some highlights & the most recent materials below:

:small_orange_diamond: Real Yield - Secured revenues from the day 1 and guaranteed +28% APY
:small_orange_diamond: Asset Liquidity - We add liquidity to the RWAs, with no lock-ups
:small_orange_diamond: Safe investing - Fully audited and 100% secured portfolio assets
:small_orange_diamond: Accessibility - YieldBricks pools are available to anyone for just $50
:small_orange_diamond: Mass adoption - Superb UX, FIAT onramp and simple management for mass adoption
:small_orange_diamond: Community 1st - YieldBricks owners take part in Semi-DAO governance


Our team consists of serial entrepreneurs, award-winning innovators , and blockchain enthusiasts with an amazing tech background . We’re especially excited about the recent addition of a world-class Lead engineer and a leading Blockchain lawyer to secure the best technical solutions and flawless legal compliance .
We also have many reputable advisors currently on board, including:

▪️ Sundeep Siripurapu - TrustSwap
▪️ Nikita Sachdev - Luna PR
▪️ Sheesha Finance - Board of advisors
▪️ Maksum Charyev - AlfaCatalyst

:traffic_light: PARTNERSHIPS

Polygon Labs • Hacken • Chainlink • Synaps • Lossless • Kriptomat • XP Network • Kryptonite • Lunar Strategy • Luna PR • GAINS Associates • and many more

:anger: OVERVIEW

:small_blue_diamond: 4S innovative model - S eamsless, S afe, S ustainable and S ecure platform
:small_blue_diamond: Capable team and exceptional advisors, covered more than 300 startups
:small_blue_diamond: Our business model ensures revenue streams from day one
:small_blue_diamond: Market neutral and emerging sector - perfect combo for any market narrative
:small_blue_diamond: Brilliant marketing strategy with 8+ top tier agencies onboarded
:small_blue_diamond: Pre-selected low-risk and high-yield ( +28% APY ) investment opportunities
:small_blue_diamond: Angel & Seed rounds are currently open and available

:page_facing_up: DOCUMENTATION

Pitch Deck : DocSend
Litepaper : DocSend
Tokenomics : DocSend
Social links : futurent. | Twitter | Linktree

Feel free to reach out to us to explore possible synergies and in case you`d like to learn more about us. We are always available to anyone interested in our little gem here :slightly_smiling_face:


What’s your GTM? When are you planning to launch? For me, it looks like you guys don’t have a strong background to crack RWA & also the right investors to support you to achieve the things mentioned in the pitch deck.


Nothing here I mentioned should be considered as financial advice & personal.