Furucombo: Creating your own reward distribution contract

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to share some information about the Furucombo Trevi rewards contract that has recently launch on Polygon. We’ve showcased Trevi by providing Furucombo auto-compounded rewards through our Invest platform. The Trevi contract is completely open source though and everyone is welcome to use it. It is fully audited by 3 independent audit companies (Hashcloak, Chainsulting, and Peckshield).

Trevi was developed as we found that most of the existing solutions (like masterchef and mintr) didn’t support everything we wanted to provide in a rewards distribution contract.

So what makes Trevi so great?

  • You can reward an unlimited number of tokens to your stakers - no limitations!
  • You can add rewards anytime
  • You can add a flash loan use case for the staking posiution
  • You can easily integrate into Furucombo

We have provided easy to understand documentation about how to setup your own reward distribution contract which can be found here:

Trevi Tutorial: Creating Your Own Reward Distribution Contract | by FURUCOMBO | FURUCOMBO | Medium

We are always available in our Discord to help anyone setup their staking contract, and we are always looking to add more use cases to Furucombo. So please reach out to us if you use our contract, and we can look at helping you setup and integrate your farms right into Furucombo so everyone can take advantage of your new rewards!

And of course if you haven’t had a chance to check out what Furucombo is about, or what we offer, feel free to visit us on our Website.