Funnyybuns - NFTs & On chain education

:balloon::rabbit2: Welcome to funnyybuns - The Playground of Learning and Fun! :rabbit2::balloon:

Hello all you marvelous members of the metaverse!

We are elated to introduce you to funnyybuns - an exceptional project that blends community-focused NFTs with an education-centric approach. Our project is not just about building a brand, it’s about cultivating a vibrant, inclusive community where everyone’s voice matters. At funnyybuns, we strive to amalgamate the elements of art, community, education, entertainment, and gaming into one unified brand. Beneath our playful facade lies a potent platform, dedicated to making a real difference.

:crystal_ball: What’s the Magic Behind funnyybuns? :crystal_ball:

:star2: Community First: We believe in the power of community. Our roadmap is designed with community use cases at its core, ensuring our users play an instrumental role in the evolution of funnyybuns.

:books: Carrot School: Welcome to the Carrot School - a pioneering education platform that rewards your efforts with digital badges. Our unique on-chain achievement system connects hiring managers with Carrot School Ambassadors, providing tangible career opportunities to those who demonstrate mastery.

:tada: Education is Fun: We spice up the learning process with quizzes and mini-games, ensuring education is an engaging and exhilarating journey.

:gem: Meet the BUN Token!: Unveiling the BUN Token - your key to an unparalleled gaming and collecting experience. Use BUN for in-game purchases, collect exclusive items, and even stake it to earn rewards.

:bridge_at_night: Building Bridges: The crypto universe is vast and ever-expanding. However, the gap between traditional finance and crypto remains. Through our educational platform, we aim to bridge this gap and promote widespread crypto adoption.

:fox_face: Sneaky Foxes on the Prowl: In an exciting collaboration with Colony Wars, we bring you the Sneaky Foxes. Collect these exclusive characters with BUN Token and let them loose on the Colony Wars battlefield!

:closed_lock_with_key: Join the funnyybuns Family! :closed_lock_with_key:

We extend a warm invitation to all eager learners, gaming enthusiasts, and crypto explorers to join us on this exciting adventure. Your voice is vital to us, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

:gift: Special Offer: Join us now to secure a spot in our BETA phase! Participants will receive exclusive promo codes and a golden opportunity to shape the future of funnyybuns.

Character Samples

:fox_face: Sneaky Foxes


:earth_africa: Website:

:bird: Twitter:

:video_game: Discord: funnyybuns

Step into the world of funnyybuns, where learning, community, and fun coexist in harmony! :rabbit2::balloon::rocket:

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Hi, to be included into Polygon Village please send your submission


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Hey Grendel!

I will do that thank you!

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Hey Grendel!

I already submitted funnyybuns there. Should I do it again?

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Did you join Polygon Discord / Village channels? I can’t see you

As indicated in the email, you must join Discord and intro yourself in the #intro Village channel

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Hey Grendel

Yes absolutely! I see that I forgot the last step which was the intro in Discord. All steps have been completed now.

Thank you for notifying me and looking forward to build on Polygon!