Funds not bridging across

Hello, I am getting the following error while trying to bridge my funds from poly to erc:
There seems to be a temporary issue at the RPC due to heavy network traffic. Please try again after sometime.

the transfer was initialised, withdrawal initiated… and i signed the tx and set the gas fee as it suggested… about 200$… and thats where the transaction fails. I have been trying for a while, not sure if there is anything wrong on my side of if its a network issue… All my othe transactions seem to have gone through fine. Could someone please advise?

Hello @cyfer
Thanks for reaching to polygon Forums. Customer service may take some time to respond due to a large number of requests. We believe your case will be resolved as soon as possible. Kindly visit the polygon support live chat website

Hi Shubhangi, I have already submitted one… its been open for about 14 hours now with no response…

Hello @cyfer
We believe your case will be resolved promptly via any of our support links:

Live Chat

Telegram Dev Support
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