Forum Post Visibility Process

Forum Post Visibility Process

See a post on the forum that you think deserves more visibility in the community?

Here we outline a process to broadcast certain proposals that we deem of interest onto the Polygon socials.

This process will seek to improve the community’s visibility and involvement in critical issues outlined in posts on the Polygon Forum.

Selection Process

The selection of posts should be conducted in the following stepped fashion:

1. Post identified on the Polygon DAO Forum

Posts should be well written and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Highlights an important issue in relation to Polygon products or Polygon DAO
  • Creates valuable discussion, or provides good insight for discussion direction
  • Is not inflamatory or argument centrered

It will be at the discretion of Polygon DAO team members to spot these posts on the forum.

We encourage team members to try and highlight posts they believe deserve more visibility.

2. Share the link with a Polygon DAO team member

To allow community members to be involved in this process, please send a direct message to a member of the ‘Polygon DAO Governance Team’ on the Polygon DAO forum.

See here the list of current team members here.

3. DAO Social Request Form

Once the above has been satisfied a request should then be made via the DAO Social Request Form, a link to which should be made available to all Governance team members.