Forthewin Network

Hey there!

We’re excited to introduce you to Forthewin Network – the coolest new platform based on Neo blockchain. Our team has been working hard on this project and we can’t wait to share it with you!

We launched the first open dex in Neo (N3) along with some awesome web3 tools and NFT collections. And as our platform grows, we’re expanding our reach to EVM. After researching our options, we’ve decided to go with Polygon PoS – which we believe is the best choice for us.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve already completed the migration for our swap and farm in testnet, and we’re now ready for contract audit reports.

We can’t wait to introduce our cool stuff to Polygon users and bring the power of Forthewin Network to even more people.

If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to check out our website at, our testnet at, and our Discord channel at Forthewin.

And don’t miss our useful video at A VAST Suite of Crypto Products | For The Win Network (NEO) - YouTube for an overview of what we’re all about.

Thanks for your time – we hope to see you on Forthewin Network soon!


Wow! So awesome news! LFG FTW!!!


Cool! Let’s go ForTheWin!:fire::rocket::full_moon:


Forthewin Network has made some really cool DeFi, NFT, and other products in the Neo ecosystem, alongside introducing the easiest way to onboard new-ish blockchain developers into a new ecosystem. The Smith feature is a really simple and intuitive UI and process to mint NFTs or fungible tokens, and is a seamless introduction process.

Another unique FTW product is the Locker Key, which binds tokens to an NFT that can’t be released until a pre-determined time and date.

The DEX works great, and will work even better when organic liquidity from other ecosystems start to find their way to FTW. I’m looking forward to following FTW’s progress into becoming cross-chain, it’s a platform that is suited well for that purpose.


Awesome to see!! FTW has a really smart and well respected founder. I cannot wait to see FTW on Polygon. Cross-Chain!!