Flash Loan Transaction "Forked"

I’m having a bit of a weird situation when I complete a successful flash loan. I submit the transaction, everything works, I can see the transaction on polyscan and I get message coming back that is was “successful”. After about 6-10 confirmations the status then goes from “Success” to “Forked”, which I haven’t really seen before. Then after a while the transaction is listed as “Failed” and I lose my gas fee. What does “forked” mean and why does it happen? Are there any strategies to avoid this? Why do I lose my fee if my transaction is forked? This feels like it shouldn’t be able to happen - are there malicious nodes acting in concert? Are the nodes coordinating somehow? Any information would be great so I can better understand what’s going on. Thanks.


Hello @chromate , A support ticket has been opened for you. Talk to a Polygon Dev on the Live support page. so that your transaction can be looked into. . CLICK HERE

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