F.icey here to represent ;)

As a hardcore pc modder metalworker and hobbyist tweaker. I’ve finally found a way to tweak my financials. Myself. Only for this web3 can be deemed a liberator. Some say there is actual tech involved ,wich im here to explore with you all.

I’m a toolmaker and have experience in the enforcement fiels. With a background of commmercial activities as a red line throughout my life. The mechanics of web3 and cryptography intrigue me ,as they enforce by default. This is a charactieristic and skill at the same time. With endless possibilities to create value for all parties involved.

Fair participation in defi is now actually as effortless as playing a game. While defi brings the masses together ,games will ofcourse soon emerge. To entertain these masses. By communication ,trial and error i hope to be part of the evolution of this ecosystem.

Soon multichain- smartwallets will bring blockchain interoperabillity to be carried without noticing or significant extra costs and delays. I would be surprised if the fastest and most chains like Ppos wot be leading this development.

As newcomers our first hirdle is the terminology of web3. Reading ,interacting and practice are the most helpful and available tools i have found to overcome this. A more profound understanding of these gives any web3 experience true depth and empowers us as users to stay in control. Not only managing our assets but also when defending against bad actors.

Herefore we should share the best but also the worst we encounter. Trusted and controlled environments like poly forum are the trool of my choice to consume and relay reliable info on developments and events

Liquidity ,efficiency ,management of assets are a restless ever evolving flow. With inflation as a immortal reminder and driver to stay flowing. With such forces working on this ecosystem ,i am excited to to not just praticipate but take control of our future.

As a self-taught craftsman i will always prioritize sharing knowledge and experience before capitalizing knowledge.

If anything is said got you wondering or thinking. i must first thank you for reading this far. If you ever wanna reach out for any reason don’t hesitate looking me up on warpcast or X. @ficey