Error using Bridge Poly ----> ETH

Im trying to move some eth from the Poly network to the eth mainnet using the poly bridge v2 I selected the correct account in metamask its all connected it sees my balance. Using the Transfer Mode: PoS Bridge I try to convert my PoS eth to eth network and when i hit continue I get an error mesg at the bottom of the screen that says “Invalid transaction params: params specify an EIP-1559 trans

Am i using the wrong bridge to move WETH from poly network to ETH on ether mainnet?

ERROR at BOTTOM of screenshot


very upset with support I was working with a support rep and he completely stop working with me and when i tried what he told me to do and it didnt work i sent him an image of the error and he hasnt responded yet, i mesged him many many times and even emailed myself the transcript. You guys have a strict guideline for users but what about your support reps… why hasnt he responded to me in over 20 mins…
this is not support.

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