Error starting Heimdall non-Validator node

Hello, our node was fully operational until Aalborg Hardfork. After updating to the ver 1.0.1, node doesn’t start.

panic: Failed to process committed block (2:15DED8D79DF2F24D46482D313B656EA9DBBA78A58D4477315C082A2C0DE2C6D4): Wrong Block.Header.AppHash.  Expected 5A1A5755E4F616FDDB9178306FF05F919D286D68352469888E58E6B2DC023EB3, got 15743B4710AE8204D86DFC15ACBA964FC0EAB43D5587FE090E54DD9BA0679D68	matic_heimdall-cx_1

INFO [2023-10-16|14:38:12.924] Committed state                              module=state height=1 txs=0 appHash=5A1A5755E4F616FDDB9178306FF05F919D286D68352469888E58E6B2DC023EB3

Maybe you switched heimdall version after hard fork, not before?

Yes, indeed, but after I’ve downloaded a snapshot and tried to start, but still getting this error. Even with empty data folder.

I’ve downloaded a fresh snapshot, initialized heimdall, heimdall started to sync but got this error:

Oct 17, 2023 @ 09:06:19.524	panic: Failed to process committed block (15918901:8B3E80076DC0E6F21157BA7A1B775EC59B08935A188B57648E2968913B1489F5): Wrong Block.Header.AppHash.  Expected E88FF46BB5495ABCE90E686487A364B72EA4B0B7BD967E0F012CA9E44BE4C587, got 323711A75A226372F45897B7ECF459CE54D3C60C4D22769F1EBA96A242566603	

Oct 17, 2023 @ 09:06:19.511	INFO [2023-10-17|09:06:19.511] Committed state                              module=state height=15918900 txs=0 appHash=E88FF46BB5495ABCE90E686487A364B72EA4B0B7BD967E0F012CA9E44BE4C587	

Oct 17, 2023 @ 09:06:19.472	INFO [2023-10-17|09:06:19.472] Executed block                               module=state height=15918900 validTxs=0 invalidTxs=0	

Oct 17, 2023 @ 09:06:19.454	INFO [2023-10-17|09:06:19.454] Committed state                              module=state height=15918899 txs=1 appHash=1545CCE2FDCA443D8C0D6282889D136F79D17F69C4F1B570A8EF2430FAC9FD89

most likely you need to specify the chain, they changed the default to a devnet so you’ll need to specify mumbai or mainnet in the --chain flag

      - heimdalld
      - start
      - --moniker=node
      - --chain=mainnet
      - --p2p.laddr=tcp://
      - --rpc.laddr=tcp://
      - --home=/var/lib/heimdall
      - --rest-server

Fixed a Heimdall node with a solution from here - Wrong Block.Header.AppHash. · Issue #1084 · maticnetwork/heimdall · GitHub
Moved a chain=mainnet to the heimdall-config.toml