Erigon v2.51.0 Release [With Milestones]

Hello All,

A new version of Erigon is available - v2.51.0 for mumbai and mainnet as well.

This includes changes that enable Aalborg hardfork, scheduled for Heimdall block number 15,950,759 (occurring around October 11th, 2023) for mainnet, For mumbai this is already active.

In this version the milestones (PIP-11) functionality is enabled by default and can be disabled by using --bor.milstone flag, If disabled then the finalised tag while fetching blocks will not work.

With the partnership now with erigon, We are using their repo for all the development work and also it’s much more stable compared to when we created our fork, So if you are using that for your nodes you can just switch to erigon repo and it should work fine with the above version.

Instructions to Upgrade

These are the instructions to upgrade Erigon on your nodes:

  1. Upgrade Erigon to the latest version:

    cd ~/erigon
    git pull --tags
    git checkout v2.51.0
    make erigon
  2. Ensure that you are on the latest version:

    ./build/bin/erigon --version
    # It should return
    erigon version 2.51.0-a0160bee
  3. Restart erigon

    sudo service erigon restart

Polygon Team

New target version for today’s hardfork is there